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Happiness, Love, Rewards, and Dreaming Big!

I am a firm believer that we should all dream big and anything can be manifested into existence. Of course, that is if you don’t subject yourself to negativity or block yourself from all the good stuff on planet Earth. I love to help others find their path. How long does it take? When will […]


Our choices determine the outcome, some lasting a lifetime, others short lived. Becoming more aware of your thinking patterns will aid you in achieving your goals. CREATE: A beautiful light-filled thought by visualizing a glorious nature location. If you are feeling distressed, uncomfortable or give up hope, in your mind go to that nature scene. […]

Manifest Your Dreams

I believe by becoming acquainted with one’s true passion and designing your own personal Vision Board you have the ability to manifest your dreams. A Vision Board is a visual manifestation of your most significant hopes and dreams. It’s a reminder for you of what you desire in life. A couple of artistic hours spent […]